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Bitay Game
Macbook AirWinner
iPhone2nd place
Apple Watch3th place

Turkey Biggest Cryptocurrency Contest

We invite you to Bitay Game to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies without the risk of losing money.

You will start the 2-week contest at the same time with everyone and compete with a 10,000 TL of virtual balance under the same conditions as everyone; you have fun and learn at the same time.

Turkey Biggest Cryptocurrency Contest
So What are the Awards?

So What are the Awards?

In the competition to be held between May 15 - May 29;

  • Macbook Air, to our 1st participant
  • For our second participant, iPhone 11,
  • Our 3rd participant will be given an 6th gen. Apple Watch.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BTY?

Bitay Token, BTY, is a reward point that Bitay Teknoloji produces exclusively for its users and is used only for promotional purposes.

How much is BTY worth?

The value of 1 Bitay Token (1 BTY) is fixed at 1 Turkish Lira

I invited my friend to earn BTY, but BTY was not installed, why?

In order to earn BTY, you need to be a member of Bitay and share your referral code with your friends after you become a user. You will also be able to earn BTY if both you and your friend's accounts are approved.

Approved Account definition; all verification steps, ID authentication, and Address verification.

For every friend you invite to Bitay and register an account using your referral code both of you will earn BTY.

What is the benefit of BTYs?

The BTY you earn gives you the opportunity to pay commission with a 50% discount on the commissions received for trading in Bitay. It also offers the opportunity to shop in the brands we deal with, in the shopping of your brand.

Where can I use BTYs?

The number of brands we deal with is increasing day by day. You can see the list of the contracted brands that you can spend your BTYs in by tapping the Spend button in our application.

How Do I Participate in the Competition?

1Create Account (Free)

2Authenticate and sign up for Bitay Game

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How Do I Participate in the Competition?

How Successful People Win? Review, learn

Bitay Game is for you to learn and win.

Sign Up now to be a part of this excitement and don't miss out on opportunities.

May 15 - May 29 Bitay Game Final Status:

 ParticipantCurrent Balance 
1535*****67110,000.00 TRY
2543*****82710,000.00 TRY
3532*****30610,000.00 TRY
4543*****31810,000.00 TRY
5552*****11210,000.00 TRY
6533*****07810,000.00 TRY
7545*****73210,000.00 TRY
8553*****45710,000.00 TRY
9534*****48610,000.00 TRY
10530*****14710,000.00 TRY
How Successful People Win? Review, learn
Bitay Game - 6

Bitay was launched in 2018 as an R&D project with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology with Yıldız Technical University Technopark Project Code: TRK003 Blockchain and BSTB Project Code: 051529.

Create and verify your account and earn 15 BTY. In addition, for each friend you invite, while you continue to earn, they will win 15 BTYs each.
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